Gavia  Whitening Deodorant Roll On is a new age roll-on to lighten the skin in your under   arm and deodorize. It is an anti-perspirant with a long lasting fragrance leaving no stains.

Its unique formula exfoliates the skin and delivers natural de-pigmentation and embeds whitening agents deep into the skin layers. It reduces the activity of tyrosinase which are the enzymes responsible for darkening the skin. New skin that comes to the surface is lighter in tone.

The advance formula is absorbed quickly and dries clean leaving no oily or sticky residue.


Major benefits of Gavia Whitening Deodorant Roll On are…

  • Intense and active whitening and smoothening effect in underarms.
  • Skin nutrients which lighten and moisturize the skin
  • Freshness through the day

Protection against perspiration and recurrent body odour. For better result use twice a day


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